Issue 9 : Art History and Design in Dialogue: Abutments and Confluences

Issue 9, Winter 2020-1

Edited by Renate Dohmen WITH Rachael Luck

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1. Introduction: Art history and design in dialogue: abutments and confluences

Renate dohmen

Abstract and full text

Part 1: Changing conceptions of art and design: approaches to art education from the Académie Royale to the Bauhaus

2. Art and design in eighteenth-century France: from dessein to dessin


Abstract and full text 

3. Art, industry and the laws of nature: the South Kensington method revisited

renate dohmen

Abstract and full text

4. Art, design and modernity: the Bauhaus and beyond

kim charnley

Abstract and full text

Part 2: Between art history and design: projects, methods, approaches

5. Empowering design practices: exploring relations between architecture, faith, society and community

Katerina Alexiou, Theodore Zamenopoulos, Vera Hale, Susie West and Sophia de Sousa

Abstract and full text

6. Seeing patterns on the ground: reflections on field-based photography

Jan van Duppen

Abstract and full text

Part 3: Exchanges between art history and design: an experiment in cross-disciplinary conversation

7. Colonial histories, museum collections, FabLabs and community engagement: flows of practices, cultures and people – a roundtable

Amy JANE Barnes, Kim Charnley, Renate Dohmen and Nicole Lotz

Abstract and full text

Part 4: Art history and design education: pioneering approaches from the past to the future

8. A305 History of architecture and design 1890‒1939: from 1975 to the present

Tim Benton

Abstract and full text

9. A305: Looking back to look forward

Joaquim Moreno

Abstract and full text

10. Design education in the open

Nigel Cross and Georgina Holden

Abstract and full text

11. Futuring design education for a future

Tony Fry

Abstract and full text