Open and diverse arts scholarship

We are delighted to present the Open Arts Journal.

The Open Arts Journal addresses the demand for a rigorously compiled, peer-reviewed platform for arts scholarship open to diverse participants. Our dissemination is global, spanning multiple communities including practitioners and historians of art, architecture and design, curators and arts policy-makers, and researchers in the arts and heritage sectors.

Open Arts Journal emphasises innovation, in content and medium and by virtue of a bespoke digital design. Our contributors encompass a wide range of scholars, from professionals to provocateurs, with original visual essays and polemics; reflections on art from curators, historians and artists; and the fruits of rigorous theoretical, historical or longitudinal research.

Our content is fully searchable and highly visible to the main search engines, major libraries around the world (including the European Library), and a growing list of arts practitioner and scholarly associations. Every contribution carries a permanent Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and is protected under a Creative Commons licence. We have provided the option to download entire issues in low resolution, in order to ensure accessibility for our readers using a low bandwidth or with only fleeting or limited access to the web. Images on the site are searchable through captions and clickable cross-references, and a complement of high-resolution versions is there in our image gallery to assist with ‘close looking’. As a UK-based publication, we have submitted a nomination for archiving within the UK Web Archive, British Library, under the Non-Print Legal Deposit Regulations 2013 (nomination pending).

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