Issue 6: Baroque Naples: place and displacement

Issue 6, Winter 2017-18

Edited by Helen Hills

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Introduction: directions to baroque Naples

Helen Hills (University of York)

Abstract and full text


From Piazza Mercato to Ponte Ricciardo, and on to Via Toledo: Giovan Battista Della Porta’s translations of hands and feet of executed criminals across early modern Naples

Sergius Kodera (New Design University, St. Pölten)

Abstract and full text


Dislocating holiness: city, saint and the production of flesh

Helen Hills (University of York)

Abstract and full text


The materiality of enchantment: rethinking Neapolitan marble intarsia

Joris van Gastel (Bibliotheca Hertziana – Max Planck Institute for Art History)

Abstract and full text


Baroque tectonics: eruptions and disruptions in the Vesuvian city

Alfonso Tortora (University of Salerno) and Sean Cocco (Trinity College, CT)

Abstract and full text


Naples in flesh and bones: Ribera’s Drunken Silenus and Saint Jerome

Edward Payne (The Auckland Project)

Abstract and full text


Flaying the image: skin and flesh in Jusepe de Ribera’s Martyrdoms of Saint Bartholomew

Bogdan Cornea (University of York)

Abstract and full text 


‘More beautiful than nature itself’: the early commercial and critical fortunes of Neapolitan baroque still-life painting

Christopher R. Marshall (University of Melbourne)

Abstract and full text