Structure and support

By virtue of its administrative base at The Open University (United Kingdom), the Journal has drawn significant support from Europe’s research councils. Several of our published and forthcoming issues began as major public events at museums and arts institutions such as in San Diego, Manchester, Vienna, Amsterdam and London. Coming full circle, we follow up the occasion of each publication with a ‘re-engagement’ event at which contributors and readers of the Journal are brought together to reflect on a thematic issue and to consolidate their networks.

Published up to twice a year, each edition tackles a key theme, issue or critical debate, coordinated by our guest editors. Proposals for themes undergo thorough, in-depth peer review in consultation (via annual meetings, email correspondence and video conferencing) with an esteemed international editorial board; draft submissions are peer-reviewed via a global network of subject specialists, and arts and heritage professionals. The list of associate editors on the board is a rotating one, made up of the guest editors of current and future issues.

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