Issue 3: Disturbing Pasts: Memories, Controversies and Creativity


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Edited by Uilleam Blacker, Elizabeth Edwards and Leon Wainwright.

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Disturbing pasts: Memories, controversies and creativity

Leon wainwright

Abstract and full text


Echoes of the Great War: The recordings of African prisoners in the First World War

Annette Hoffmann

Abstract and full text

‘A riot of our own’: a reflection on agency

Carol Tulloch

Abstract and full text

The exhibition Namibia − Germany: a shared/divided history. Resistance, violence, memory (Cologne, Berlin 2004/2005)

Clara Himmelheber

Abstract and full text

Break! On the unpleasant, the marginal, the taboo, and the controversial in Norwegian museums

Liv Ramskjaer

Abstract and full text

Making meaning from a fragmented past: 1897 and the creative process

Peju Layiwola

Abstract and full text

Mallaby’s car: colonial subjects, imperial actors, and the representation of human suffering in postcolonial exhibitions

Susan Legêne

Abstract and full text


Comments on the art and research project ‘The division of the earth – tableaux on the legal synopses of the Berlin Africa conference’

Dierk Schmidt and MALTE JAGUTTIS

Abstract and full text

Late photography, military landscapes, and the politics of memory

Simon Faulkner

Abstract and full text

Forced displacement, suffering and the aesthetics of loss

Maruška Svašek

Abstract and full text

Nuclear war as false memory

John Timberlake

Abstract and full text


I miss you, Jew!

Rafal Betlejewski

Abstract and full text

Spatial dialogues and Holocaust memory in contemporary Polish art: Yael Bartana, Rafał Betlejewski and Joanna Rajkowska

Uilleam Blacker

Abstract and full text

Margit Ellinor: Forgotten images

Bente Geving

Abstract and full text

A comment on contemporary Sámi art

Sigrid Lien

Abstract and full text

Troubled traces: Painting and displaying intercultural traumas of Aboriginality

Heather kamarra Shearer

Abstract and full text

Empowering art: reconfiguring narratives of trauma and hope in the Australian national imaginary

Fiona Magowan

Abstract and full text