The Donkey Institute of Contemporary Art (DICA): A Photo-Essay

Yam Lau


This photo-essay documents the conception and realization of a ‘mobile display unit,’ a kind of cabinet of curiosities attached to a donkey, and made to travel through the streets of Beijing so that the texts, works and videos displayed there were accessible to passers-by.

Keywords: pavilion, contemporary, peripatetic, exhibit, mobile, display, site-specific, China.

Full text: (PDF, 1MB)

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Biographical note

Yam Lau was born in Hong Kong, and is now an artist/writer based in Toronto. His creative work explores new expressions and qualities of space, time and the image through the application of painting, computer-animation and digital video. In addition, Lau has initiated a number of independent projects such as using his car (Toronto) and a donkey (Donkey Institute of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China) as on-going mobile project spaces. He is represented by the Katzman Kamen Gallery in Toronto and Yuanfen New Media Art Space in Beijing, China. Currently, Lau is professor of painting at York University Toronto.