Open and diverse arts scholarship

We are pleased to present a new publication, the Open Arts Journal.

The Open Arts Journal addresses the demand for a rigorously compiled, peer-reviewed platform for arts scholarship open to diverse participants. Our dissemination is global, spanning multiple communities including practitioners of art, architecture and design, curators and arts policy-makers, and researchers in the arts and heritage sectors.

Developing from a broad base of interests the Open Arts Journal emphasises innovation, in both content and medium and by virtue of a bespoke digital design. Our contributors encompass a wide range of scholars, from professionals to provocateurs, with original visual essays and polemics; reflections on art from curators and artists; and the fruits of rigorous theoretical, historical or longitudinal research.

The Open Arts Journal is also a tactical initiative. It confronts the mixed blessings brought to the arts and humanities by current developments in ‘open access’ scholarship. Many of the dominant platforms for academic publishing that are free for their readers operate by drawing fees from their contributors. We feel that such arrangements frustrate if not subvert the opportunities presented by digital distribution of academic scholarship for use ‘on demand’.

With an administrative home in the Department of Art History at The Open University, the Open Arts Journal makes an alternative, distinctive offer. Ours is a robust and imaginative response issuing from within the arts community, with an ethos of ‘openness’ toward those who may benefit from genuine ‘open access’ scholarly activity online.

Published twice a year, each edition tackles a key theme, issue or critical debate. Submissions undergo thorough, in-depth peer review in consultation with an esteemed international editorial board. We warmly welcome responses and proposals for future such issues at:

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Editor in ChiefLeon Wainwright

Deputy Editor: Alice E. Sanger